Instruction Manuals

The knowledge, expertise & the outcomes from the Erasmus+ MESAP programme have been researched, analyzed & published through 3 MESAP Youth Worker instruction publications. These instruction manuals are all linked to a key element of the programmes’ delivery. These manuals are:

  • Enterprising the Youth Sector;
  • Digitalizing Enterprise; and
  • the MESAP final manual for use in the Youth Sector.

The overall objective of these manuals is to provide guidance, learning materials to promote Self-employment, work-focused Digital Skills & Social Entrepreneurship throughout Europe, offering real examples through the MESAP programme activities,  and the final manuals & tools.

The final Erasmus+ MESAP Manuals and Work Plans/Learning materials are available here to download:

English versions

IO1 Enterprising the Youth Sector – manual

IO2 MESAP programme – manual

IO3 Digitalising Enterprise – manual

Erasmus+ MESAP – ANNEXES -Work Plans & Learning support materials


Turkish versions

IO1 Enterprising the Youth Sector – manual – Turkce

IO2 MESAP programme – manual – Turkish

IO3 Digitalising Enterprise – manual – Turkish


Bulgarian versions

IO1 Enterprising the Youth Sector – manual – Bulgarian

IO2 MESAP programme – manual – Bulgarian

IO3 Digitalising Enterprise – manual – Bulgarian

Any organisation, wishing to use these materials to develop and deliver are their own Enterprise and Social Action youth programmes, are invited to get in touch as we also have accompanying PowerPoint presentations, which are to large to upload onto this website. Contact details can be found below.

For more information, please contact a member of the Asfar MESAP team at