Youth Enterprise Skills

As part of the programme, each partner was responsible for delivering local Skills and Social Action project training within their communities. This page provides more information on the Youth Enterprise Skills element:

Youth Enterprise Skills was a Skills development programme, held in each country for young people interested in learning about Self-Employment, Business & Enterprise, with particular focus on how young people can set up their own business. Young people developed Skills including: Communication; Budgeting; Inter-personal; Leadership; Team-playing skills; followed by Enterprise-focused Skills including: What is Self-employment; Brainstorming & Business ideas; How to establish a Company; Business Plan development; HMRC, Tax & the Law; Strategy; Fundraising & Investments; Marketing & Competitors; National Enterprise Allowance; Presentation & Selling your ideas Skills; Partnership-working; Book Keeping basics; & many other key Enterprise Skills & themes required to become Self-employed and establish a business.  Furthermore, all young people will complete Employability Skills training.

The basic materials and learning plans from this activity will eventually be included in the final manuals the MESAP programme will public in March 2017.

Area of focus

  • 6 areas of focus,:
    • 1: Induction & What is Enterprise & What skills will be developed
    • 2: Developing a Business Idea & creating a Business Plan. Business Objectives, Unique Selling Points & Marketing & Communications
    • 3: Setting Up: What type of Status: Self-Employment; Partnership; Company; Other. HMRC, Tax & the Law
    • 4: How to Fund your Enterprise: Enterprise funding available; Fundraising Skills; Selling your idea to a Funder
    •  5: How to manage your finances: Book Keeping & Accountancy Skills.
    • 6: Communication is key: practice language skills in English; Turkish; and Bulgarian.