Project Update – April 2016

Partners have identified the Transnational dates in July 2016 this month. The dates will be:

  • 29th July-30th July 2016 London, UK

The transnational will focus on the following key parts of the project

  • Delivery, Outcomes and Achievements to date
  • Local Delivery successes
  • Digitalising Enterprise Youth Exchange – September 2016 – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Intellectual Outputs review

In April 2016, partners also identified and agreed provisional dates for the September 2016 youth exchange in Sofia, Bulgaria. Full information to follow shortly.

Project Update – March 2016

March 2016, has been spent primary managing the project partnership, finances and learning as it reaches Year One end.

The aim throughout Year Two is to be more structured and to manage partners on a higher performance basis, to ensure all the key project outcomes are achieved.

This month has witnessed Asfar, Cukurova Universite and NAMCB to focus on the delivery of localised skills training aimed at young people with particular focus on Enterprise and Social Action Projects.

It is expected that the local skills training delivery will launch in May 2016. All of the local delivery is due to be completed by August 2016.

Project Update – February 2016

Following the successful Enterprising the Youth sector – Youth Worker training in Adana, Turkey, staff members from Asfar, Cukurova Universite and NAMCB partners are contemplating how best to implement their new skills in promoting Youth Enterprise and Social Action.

Throughout the week, staff members learned about and developed new skills in:

  • Enterprise – skills, behaviours and knowledge
  • Different types of businesses and social enterprises
  • How to develop a Business Idea and launch it
  • What is Social Action


Check out some of the photos from the week – here

Project Update – January 2016

Enterprising the Youth Sector – youth worker training – 18th January 2016 to 24th January 2016

Partner, Cukurova Universite is hosting the Erasmus+ MESAP Enterprising the Youth Sector – youth worker training session between 18th January 2016 to 24th January 2016 in Adana, Turkey.

The 7 day training session is a pilot and aimed at staff working with young people, especially in the careers, welfare to work and youth work sectors. The training is designed to develop Youth Workers’ skills and knowledge in Enterprise and Social Action, in order for them to be better placed to promote Enterprise and Social Action as an alternative to the traditional options open to young people such as: Employment, Education and Training.

The Enterprising the Youth Sector will develop skills within our staff and volunteers which in turn will be used in the delivery of a 6 week programme focusing on Youth Enterprise Skills and Social Action projects for young people in London, Sofia and Adana.

Enterprise the Youth Sector Training will include:

  • What is Enterprise?
  • Enterprise and Young People
  • International Enterprise: UK; Turkey; Bulgaria case studies
  • Different types of Enterprises
  • Developing a Business idea
  • Basic accountancy skills
  • Digital tools in Business
  • Mobilising enterprise skills into Social Action


Asfar and our partners are currently recruiting for young people to participate both in local training Youth Enterprise Skills and Social Action projects programmes and the pilot youth exchange in Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2016.


If you are a young person interested in Enterprise or Social Action or a youth worker/teacher and would like to refer a young person to the programme, please get in touch by emailing

Project Update – November 2015

Enterprising the Youth Sector – youth worker training – January 2016

The MESAP partnership is currently developing materials towards the key youth worker training activity due to take place between 18th and 28th January 2016 – final dates to follow here shortly. The training is aimed towards internal staff members working or volunteering with a MESAP partner. If you are a Youth Worker and would be interested in learning more, please get in touch and we will ensure your receive the final manuals. Contact Sheniz at entitling your email as MESAP.

From December 2016, Asfar and our partners will start recruiting for young people to participate both in local training focusing on Enterprise and Social Action and the pilot youth exchange in September 2016. Please get in touch either through visiting ourApply now pages or via emailing

Project Update – October 2015

On 1st October and 2nd October, Asfar and our partners NAMCB and Cukurova Universite participated in our first transnational for MESAP, the Erasmus+ Micro-Enterprise and Social Action programme (MESAP).

The transnational was hosted in Adana, Turkey by Cukurova Universite. See the agenda here:

Agenda – Transnational September 2015

The transnational meeting allowed greater development and implementation of our programme, authentic partnership collaboration and review of key areas, including deciding time frames, discussions around learning activities and how to approach dissemination.

The transational also saw the launch of the MESAP programme’s Dissemination platform. Further information on how to access this platform, to follow shortly.

If you would like to learn more about the Erasmus+ MESAP programme, please email